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Service and Pricing

Services Offered:

Cuddling, snuggling, conversation, platonic outside dates to dinner, movies, etc.
Any platonic activity you would do with a friend is acceptable.
We also offer hour long phone sessions at $60/hr
Please read our client contract here. We do not offer any sexual services.

Accepted Payment Methods:

Please Prepay for faster service!
Shows up confidentially on a credit/debit card statement.

Cash: Pay at start of session
Credit Card / Visa Gift Card / Debit Card: Click Here To Prepay
Chase QuickPay / Money Order: Inquire in the contact form for these methods.

Session Prices:

Duration Price
60 Minutes $80
90 Minutes $120
120 Minutes $160
Each Additional
30 Minutes
(Max 10 Hrs)
8 Hour Overnight
(Approx. 5 Hrs are sleeping)
10 Hour Overnight
(Approx. 6 Hrs are sleeping)

Some snugglers are willing to go to a hotel/motel if neither person can host. Movies and Parks are also great snuggle places!

Outcall Charges(Small Gas Fee):

Total Travel Time
30 Minutes $8
60 Minutes $15
90 Minutes $23
120 Minutes $30
Out Of State
Bridge Toll

Outcall Disclaimer: This fee is paid in person directly to the snuggler. Session time needs to be equal or greater than the total travel time.

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