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Become a Snuggler

We are looking for kind, caring, and understanding people to become snugglers. No experience is required, but a warm personality is. The job is primarily platonic cuddling and talking to clients. Employees are required to sign a contract agreeing to not have any sexual activity with clients (no kissing, no touching private areas).


  • Must be accepting of both male and female clients (99% of clients are male)
  • Must be accepting of all races
  • Must be accepting of all ages of clients as most are over 50
  • Reliable
  • Positive personality
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

Job Details:

  • $40/hr compensation during a session plus tips
  • You are also paid to travel $15/hr directly from the client
  • 5-15 hours per week with completely flexible hours based on when you are free to work for female snugglers. Male snugglers rarely ever get any hours.


Although we offer services to a wide variety of people, they all have one thing in common, they need a hug. They are looking for the comfort that someone's touch brings. They have filled out questionnaires and their personal information is registered with the company before it is passed on to the snuggler. They are also asked to read over and agree to the client contract before being put in touch with a snuggler. These terms outline everything from appropriate behavior to proper hygiene.

If you are uncomfortable with meeting clients for the first time at the session, you may suggest a quick public meeting. Some snugglers carry mace as a personal defense weapon, but no one has ever used it during a snuggle session. If at any time a snuggler feels that a client poses a threat to their personal safety, the snuggler reserves the right to end a session or refuse service. Inform your safety contact of the client's name, location, time and duration of the session. At the end of each session, you must make a safety call to your contact person. If they do not hear from you within 45 minutes, they will call police and send them to your location. (This has never occurred. We have an impeccable safety record). Inform your safety contact of any changes to the session.

You have the option to have clients come to your residence, drive to a client's residence, or both.
Approximately 75% of clients want the employee to host so if it is at all possible even during select hours this will give much more work.

Procedural Information:

  • Compensation is half of the session price. Session price can be found on the pricing page. The other half goes toward advertising and website upkeep.

  • When clients pay in cash, a Chase Quickpay OR paypal money request for half will be sent to your e-mail. You can pay it using Chase QuickPay using your bank account OR a credit card through paypal like you would pay any bill (this does not require a paypal account). You can also use a paypal account and/or bank account to pay it via paypal. Most of our clients will pay in cash.

  • When clients pay online, a confirmation statement will be sent to your email. This will state the total amount paid of which half will be your pay. This money will be deposited into your personal bank OR PayPal account within 14 days of your session day. Any cash payments accepted within those 14 days will be deducted from that total, meaning you will hold on to any amount of cash equal to or less than the amount owed to you rather than being issued a money request for those cash sessions. You will receive remaining balances after two weeks from session date and be issued payment inquiries for any cash sessions exceeding that balance.

  • This method of payment is to reduce the constant back and forth of charges/payments via PayPal as PayPal adds a 3% charge to each transaction.

  • If you travel 1 hr to a client and 1 hr back home, you charge them $30 for travel.  This is in addition to the normal session price.  You are responsible for calculating this fee using the time it took to get to the client at the rate of $15 per hour round trip. Session time needs to roughly equal total travel time at a minimum!

  • Clients agree to our client contract before being put in touch with a snuggler. You may print out a copy and have them reread it in person if you would like so the rules are very fresh in their mind. Please also read the client contract so you know what they are agreeing to.

  • Snugglers are given a client's information to contact them. Make sure you check spam folder in case some client information accidentally winds up there. Phone calls are preferred unless otherwise requested by the client. You may e-mail the client, but some clients don't check e-mail often, so if you don't get a response, be sure to call them. Texting/calling/e-mailing a client is only done to schedule a session. This should take 5 minutes max!

  • After you schedule the session, inform the company of the appointment day, time and duration. Perform a safety call no later than 45 minutes after a session ends. 

  • This is the general snuggler contract that employee's sign. Employee Contract

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Become a Job Recruiter

We are seeking people interested in spreading the name of the company and finding us new snugglers to work for us. You will need to use social media, word of mouth, classified ads, or any method you can think of to get potential new snugglers to apply. For each new snuggler referred to us by you, you will recieve $20 per hour they work for the first 10 hours. Therefore you will earn $200 for each successful new snuggler we hire. All you need to do is get them to apply, and we will take care of the interview.

*If you are interested in the position , Include a résumé. If the link doesn't work then just send an e-mail to

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