We received your submission

Please check your e-mail within 4 business days for a response to your application. Check Spam Folder if you do not see a response. We encourage you to use g-mail as your e-mail provider since people rarely have trouble receiving e-mails using g-mail.

The steps going forward are:
1. You will receive an e-mail with training materials. There is a quiz on the training materials. At the end of the quiz is information and important phone numbers that you need to write down.
2. You will be given a number to text to be added to the website to begin working. You will be added within a few days after texting the number provided to you.
3. You will have your first customer which is part of the hiring process. The first customer will be a long time customer of the service. We will facilitate your first session scheduling wise. After your first session, you are responsible for applying all the knowledge in the training materials.

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